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It took us a little while to realise this, however, we are actually really good at helping businesses identify their process faux pas and making them more efficient.

How can we help?

We spend a lot of our time with business owners looking at their current processes, whether they be computerised or paper based as we need to understand their complete business to enable us to create a great software application for them.  During this time we hone in on the areas of the business process that are holding things back and stopping the business reaching it’s next growth phase.  With your help we will identify these areas and then propose a system that will focus on making them more efficient so that each employee can increase the revenue that they bring to the company within the same amount of time.

How does this help you?

If you have a staff member that can only sell two £50 products every hour due to the administration associated with each sale taking so long, you are limiting that staff member to earning the business £100 an hour.  Imagine having a process and bespoke software application that would enable them to sell ten products an hour!  You have just increased that one staff member’s revenue  by £400 an hour.  Keep that up for a few hours and you have soon paid back your investment in a new software application.


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