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If you want to reduce the risk of your data being compromised, multi-factor authentication is a great way to do this.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is simply awesome, instead of authenticating with just ‘something that you know’, multi-factor authentication introduces ‘something you have’ and even ‘somethingthat you are’.

three authentication factors know have areWhat exactly are the Know, Have and Are?

  • ‘Something you know’ is your username and password or PIN
  • ‘Something you have’ is a physical device such as a hardware token, smart card or mobile device
  • ‘Something you are’ is the really cool stuff like your finger print, retinal pattern or other biometric

Why is this so cool?

Introducing two factor authentication (2FA) or three factor authentication (3FA) will without any doubt reduce the risks associated with online identity theft and malicious attackers gaining access to your business data and infrastructure.  The introduction of a second factor of authentication means the victim’s password will no longer be sufficient to gain access to their information as they will not have the user’s physical device or biometric.

The more factors that you have, the more secure your infrastructure and data becomes, but even with a simple two factor authentication (2FA) solution such as a One Time Password (OTP) you really would be hitting the attackers hard, and keeping your business safe.

Where can it be used?

The multi-factor solution that Foegio offer can be integrated pretty much into any part of your business infrastructure, and if you are lucky enough to have one of our fancy bespoke web applications we can add it as an authentication option.  For those of you that are real technical geeks, our top five integration points are as follows:-

  • Microsoft OWA
  • Microsoft ISA/TMG
  • Microsoft IAG/UAG
  • Microsoft IAS/NPS
  • Citrix WI

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