Approved Growth Voucher Adviser

Did you know that Foegio is an approved growth voucher adviser? If you applied for funding and your business was one of the lucky ones to have received a £2,000 growth voucher from the Government, you can ask us to help you make the most of your digital technology. The best part about it, every £1 you spend, the government will give you £0.50p up to a maximum of £2,000. Yes that's right, you could have £4,000 of services from Foegio for just £2,000 as the government will give you the other £2,000 back. If you want to find out more get in touch on 024 7722 0810.

New Website Launched

You know we love creating bespoke applications for our clients, however, we thought it was time our website had a bit of a face lift. So in the background we have worked hard to create the website that you are now looking at, hopefully you like it, we certainly do.